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Nutritional Tips

8 Super foods for energy :

Sardines: contain Omega 3, B12 , bone strengthening calcium.

Hemp seeds: Add these to soups and stir frys for a nutty taste, contain Omega 3/6 also a good source of fibre and protein.

Brussel sprouts: Contain vitamin k (good for bones)/c , folic acid and healthy dose of fibre.

Chia Seeds:  Contain Omega 3 which can ease inflammation and improve heart health, fibre ,calcium and sleep boosting tyrotophan

Azuki Beans:  Contain brain boosting Folate and potassium which help prevent low blood sugar.A good snack.

Quinoa : Contains maganese and tryptophan and has anti inflammatory properties and high levels of phosphorous which increases bone strength.

Cottage Cheese : Contains little saturated fats unlike other cheeses, low in calories too. High in protein good for building muscle.

Chard :  contains vitamin K and innune boosting Vitamin A/C and sleep imroving magnesium.

Don’t be afraid of the Chilli, they are an excellent source of vitamin C. You can eat the less hot varieties if you find them too much.

They help your body burn more calories

Nutritional tip for March

Avoid your white carbs ie pasta , white bread, rice. They can cause you to gain weight and encourage you to eat more, use wholemeal bread , brown pasta and rice instead.

Steak ( red meat) often frowned out for being unhealty , but it is a great source of protein that will help you build muscle.

Black beans are packed with fibre to keep you feeling full for longer.

Greek yogurt contains protein and pantothenic acid , a B vitamin that helps convert food into fuel .

Put these ingrediants togethor and create a wrap  , use a wholemeal tortilla with chopped lettuce and red onion with a tablespoon of homemade guacomole (advocado).

A great protein boosting snack YUM.

Ditch the spuds and sub them with Sweet potatoes, they are a super carb, will give you all the slow release energy you require without putting on the pounds, you will see a big weight loss in a week.

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