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Now Available: B-Cure Laser Therapy

B-Cure Laser is based on LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) technology, also known as Cold Laser, Soft Laser or Phototherapy Laser. The device emits a low-level laser beam in the range of 1-1000mW. It is a coherent monochromatic beam of light, with one defined wavelength, that moves in one phase and in one direction.

Being an LLLT based device, B-Cure Laser exerts photochemical effects rather than thermal effects on living tissues. It works on the skin surface, while simultaneously penetrating deeply through the skin tissue with no heating effect and without damaging the skin.

Biostimulation: When laser light is absorbed by a living tissue, it triggers biological reactions in the cells. A variety of endogenous chemical substances are produced in the cells and carried by blood and lymphatic flow to other parts of the system. Hence, the effects of cold laser light may be more than only local, and can also achieve wide systemic effects.

I believe this treatment to be very effective for chronic injuries (i.e. injuries or conditions that are tough to shift or have been around for for sometime). I have used this successfully on my torn meniscus to my knee, which I have had for 6 months. I used the B-Cure Laser twice a day for two weeks, along with regular cycling and a weights programme. I am now back at tennis and running regularly. I believe I have avoided possible surgery and long term physio.

I can either treat you at the clinic or I can hire this machine out so you can use at home up to three times a day for 15 minutes at a time, for a full positive effect.

To hire would be £10/day. Laser Therapy in the clinic would be £25 a session (max. 30 mins).


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