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Now Available: B-Cure Laser Therapy

Hand holding a B-Cure Laser Pro.

I believe this treatment to be very effective for chronic injuries ie injuries or conditions that are tough to shift or have been around for for sometime. I have used this successfully on my torn meniscus to my knee, which I have had for 6 months. I used the B Cure Laser twice a day for two weeks, along with regular cycling and a weights programme. I am now back at tennis and running regularly and I believe I have avoided possible surgery and long term physio.

Reasons To Get A Sports Massage For Runners

There is good reason massage therapists are part of an elite runner’s entourage. And why the lines for a postrace massage seemingly extend for miles. A rubdown—even a deep, intense one—feels great. Runners report that massages help lessen muscle tension and improve range of motion, while also making them feel relaxed and rewarded for their hard efforts. … Read more

Nutritional Tips

8 Super foods for energy : Sardines: contain Omega 3, B12 , bone strengthening calcium. Hemp seeds: Add these to soups and stir frys for a nutty taste, contain Omega 3/6 also a good source of fibre and protein. Brussel sprouts: Contain vitamin k (good for bones)/c , folic acid and healthy dose of fibre. … Read more

Sports Massage

SPORTS MASSAGE Sports massage has a number of benefits including preventing injury, restoring mobility to injured muscle tissue, boosting performance, maintaining the body in overall better condition and extending the life of your athletic career. Sports massage is a simple, commonly used form of therapy popular in sport. The benefits and effects of sports massage … Read more