" "


I've only had one session. But when I say that 1 session was money well spent, I really mean it!

He makes things very comfortable which I think is especially important when a male is working with a females body.

Very, very professional and such a nice guy. He is obviously extremely knowledgeable amd can chat your ears off about the muscles, the bones and why your body is reacting in a certain way. I've sciatica and have been struggling to find decent help for it.

He completed some acupuncture, showed me stetches, and a deep tissue massage.

I have every faith in this guys knowledge and I'm confident he will have me marathon ready in may! Can't wait for the next session.
Thank you Neil!

R Salawu

I went to Neil with wrist pain post a football injury. Neil provided an excellent service, where I felt a benefit after the first session; and almost a full recovery after the second session. I would highly recommend Neil.




Dan Davis

Had 4 sessions with Neil on my hamstring. He was very friendly welcoming & above all seem very knowledgeable.
His rates are very competitive and was not rushing out the door hopefully I never have to go back but I if the case wouldn’t hesitate.

Gary Walker

I have regularly used Neil’s services for tennis elbow, ITB and neck pain from postural problems. His combination of soft tissue massage and traditional physio treatment has helped improve my conditions considerably. Neil is very thorough, professional and knowledgeable. I have already recommended Neil to my friends and would definitely recommend for anyone who needs sports massage/physio services.


My son uses Neil on a regularly basis, and having signed up for a London marathon place I suffered a string of injuries. Plantar facititis, and back muscle, Neil was spot on with his diagnosis and I signed up for a 8 treatment package to see me through to the London marathon, I am being honest to say that without Neil’s knowledge and his strength I would not have made it to the start line.

I got a personal best as a result of the treatment, and after reading many of the comments on here, there are a lot of my fellow road runners who all agree. So if it hurts, aches or winches go see Neil.

Gary Wright

I have been seeing Neil on a regular base now – I think for about 2 years now?
Neil is the person I turn to if I have ANY problems with shoulders and back.

Neil has recently done a course in acupuncture and I volunteered as a guinea pig – it was brilliant and Neil is a natural with the needles too now :-)))


I’ve been seeing Neil for a few weeks now, after suffering months of piriformis syndrome in my left buttock, very painful and stopped me running. I had never had a sports massage and was a bit sceptical, but right from the first session I felt the difference, and after four or five sessions, I’m out of pain and back running.

A bonus is that my shoulder pain, which I have had for about two years, and which I thought was due to arthritis, has completely gone following Neil’s diagnosis of frozen shoulder and the treatment he administered.

Neil is extremely knowledgeable and proficient and besides being a really friendly person, he genuinely cares about helping patients and getting them back to being able to participate in the sports they enjoy. He makes me feel welcome and comfortable during the sessions, and I would recommend him extremely highly.

M Bishop

Neil diagnosed me with tendonitis on my left foot 2 weeks ago, within a week I was back to playing tennis, Very happy as I expected a month or more out.

Neil gave me a professional service and was committed to finding my problem, also checking up on me afterwards for progress!

Thanks Neil!

Jamie Hart

Neil has treated me for a number of problems over the past year.
He is professional and very skilled in finding the problems and treating them.
I am feeling as well now as I have done in many years having suffered from hamstring and ankle problems …am now back playing tennis.


I went to Neil for a bad pain/strain in my upper left leg, thigh, hip after training for a marathon and attending a gym 4 x a week.
This was becoming very annoying and hindering me whilst training.

Neil identified the problem straight away. Turns out I have a ITB and hip flexor injury. The pain and stiffness was becoming unbearable until Neil started working on the affected areas.
Neil Is very professional and courteous and considerate (especially being a lady) and made me feel comfortable.
Neil explains all the symptoms and how to look after the injury and adviises on excercises to help. He works very thoroughly and puts up with me being a bit of a wuss pain wise!! (Sorry about that Neil!! Especially tonight!)

Since going to Neil, the muscles/tendons are much much loser, pain is reduced greatly, and I generally feel much more movement. I will continue seeing Neil until the injuries cease further, but would use Neil for general sport smassages also.
I would highly recomment Neil.

Thanks for fixing me Neil….


Good quality friendly service. Originally went to see Neil for shoulder muscle problems and I noticed results after only a couple of sessions.
Now go once a month for a general MOT of various areas of the body which again I can feel noticeable results.


I went to Neil as I needed a sports massage.

I was very impressed with the massage.

It was a good, professional, friendly service.

Definitely recommended.


Neil worked wonders on my hamstrings. Playing football and running had taken it’s toll on them. Neil gave an excellent sports massage and I noticed the difference after only one treatment. I have had a couple of treatments and now only need to go back once every 3/4 weeks. Neil was professional and extremely helpful.

Paul Collins

I have used Neil a few times now and am very happy with the results. He has been a great help in getting my legs ready for half and full marathons after the heavy training schedules so I am ready for race day.


Neil did some work on my knee following surgery, after a few sessions there was a marked difference.

Andrew Mason

I contacted Neil with a plantar fascitus (flat foot) injury to my left foot back in July which had been getting worse for weeks.
Using ultrasound & MRI Neil found the problem related to an achilles injury I had back in 2000. With a programme using a balance board and massage I am now back playing tennis and other sports.

Andy White

Very professional service and would recommend highly.





Neil has provided a truly professional service with an exceptional deep tissue massage to release the tension in my shoulder. We agreed on a monthly massage to keep on top of it and I’m already looking forward to my next treatment :-)) I can only highly recommend Neil!


Top class service sorted my back out and my groin strain and my hamstring. Good job.

Paul Walker

Just got back from another great massage by Neil! First time I couldn’t walk and he sorted me out I was fine the next day. Tonight was just for the luxury of a firm massage. Different massage to last time but still as good. Highly recommend for a deep firm massage.

Sarah Lambert

I was getting headaches caused by tension in my back working in an office. Did the trick, would highly recommend if you get the same issue. He is very friendly and would highly recommend!

Chris Portway

Have suffered from plantar fasciitis and back problems for several years now and have paid numerous visits to Osteopaths, physios, chiropractors and chiropodists - all with strictly limited results.

I stopped running because of these issues and at one point was worried about having to give up work. Neil was recommended to me via work colleagues. I have been for some 6 sessions now and my back is 90 percent better thanks to his treatment, advice and guidance. My feet are improving steadily, my back very rarely gives me pain and I have started running again.

I feel that things will only get better thanks to his therapy and exercise/stretching plan, and have recommended him to friends of mine with similar problems. As I have said he is to be highly recommended.

Bill P

I have only visited Neil once so far after being recommended by a friend. Neil was very welcoming and friendly when I arrived and he was able to help ease the pain I had in my calves and IT bands. I had my sprts massage the week before the london marathon and was over the moon with my time! Will be seeing Neil again now ive completed the marathon!


I have seeing Neil over over 2 years, continuously. He is very good at what he does, and is very professional. He listens to your problem and gives you an individualised treatment plan. And it works. My back pain has subsided. He is very flexible, and understands my personal needs and circumstances.

Thuy le

Visited Neil 3 times so far after a friend recommended him to me. I have a disc problem with my lower back and just after 3 sessions I’m already on the mend very friendly professional service would recommend to anyone.

Daniel Crayden

I have had just one session with Neil who was so friendly & made me feel really comfortable. Neil found my ongoing calf problem straight away which is 'Shin Splints'. The results from ultra sound massage and the taping of my leg in one session have been amazing! I actually ran up a flight of stairs this morning without the normal agony I had had! Looking forward to my next session and getting my running trainers back on soon!

Karen Mahoney

Have seen Neil for 3 sessions, was in incredible pain with my shoulder. Neil is very professional and caring. His work on my shoulder and very tight muscles has cured my pain and I can now function normally.
Would be very pleased to recommend Neil without any hesitation.

Carrie Halvey

Having seen Neil on a number of occasions there has been improvements with each session. The main achilles heel has been tightness in shoulders and back all which have been massaged through watery eyes. However, I'm grateful for the expertise and techniques he has used to treat these issues.


Neil helped sort out a long standing issue with my neck and lower back – I would recommend to anyone with longstanding or chronic pain.


I have been seeing Neil since February 2014 on a monthly basis after having a disc removed in my lower back and have found that the regular massages received have help me no end with my continued back problems. I have always suffered with back ache as far back as I can remember but since seeing Neil this has got so much better and is not a problem for me now. I thoroughly recommend a visit as he is a very approachable and friendly person who puts you at ease and does a very thorough job. Thank you Neil for all your hard work!


I ran the London Marathon this year, and a few half marathons and I saw Neil all the way through my training, during my longer distances he helped my recovery and helped prevent any injury, i now build his treatment into my monthly training plan, I also cycle everyday so a massage twice a month keeps any injuries at bay, I always feel brand new afterwards!

Alex Bertschin

I went to Neil as I have a reoccurring neck and back problems from a car accident. As I have started running the pain and muscle tightness have returned and were becoming more of an annoyance.

I found Neil’s massage very professional and it certainly helped with the pain. I felt much loser afterwards and will definitely return when it flares up again. He did a great job as my muscles are very very tight and he managed to get stuck in and release the tension from all my knots, although I think I have a high pain threshold for this type of massage I found it very therapeutic!


Was a pleasure to meet Neil this week. Strained my calf muscle on a long run whilst training for marathon in 5 weeks time. Neil assessed the damage and worked on the effected area with a massage and ultra sound. He also worked on both calfs more generally which has left them feeling amazing. I had been struggling with stiff calfs for months – so I only wish I had gone and seen Neil before I injured myself. Gonna rest for a week now but feeling good and hopeful to be able to make a return to training before the marathon.


I went for my first appointment with neil, and it was fantastic. He was really friendly and is very professional. The treatment was so relaxing and i felt the benefits straight away. Highly recommended for people with back pain. Will definitely be returning. Thank you.


I was introduced to Neil via my Tennis club.
Recently I took my wife to see Neil regarding an injury she had to her shoulder following a tripping accident.

We both found Neil to be professional in his manner and treatment of my wife. Following which my wife’s arm improved and her confidence returned.

I would and have recommended Neil to a number friends and work colleagues since.
Thanks Neil, Kevin & Debbie Baker.

Kevin Baker

If like me you’ve found this page by searching the internet looking for a sports massage, then rest assured you need look no further. I am 100% satisfied with the excellent treatment provided by Neil who has been treating my IT band problem with great success.


I was diagnosed with Intersection Syndrome (form of tendonitis) in my wrist and elbow. I was out for 10 weeks and Neil gave me excellent treatment for my injury throughout. He was constantly asking for feedback and gave me excellent ideas to strengthen my arm.

I returned to my first tennis match yesterday and won on my return. Cheers Neil!

Jamie Hart