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Nearly all soft tissue injuries will benefit from the use of ultra high frequency sound waves, which will bring about changes in damaged tissue at a cellular level.

As the ultrasound waves pass from the treatment head into the skin they cause the vibration of the surrounding tissues, particularly those that contain collagen. This increased vibration leads to the production of heat within the tissue. In most cases this cannot be felt by the patient themselves. This increase in temperature may cause an increase in the extensibility of structures such as ligaments, tendons, scar tissue and fibrous joint capsules. In addition, heating may also help to reduce pain and muscle spasm and promote the healing process.

Ultrasound will help to reduce pain, inflammation, muscle spasms and induce tissue repair.

Ultrasound is a highly effective treatment for acute or chronic conditions / injuries involving ligaments, tendons, muscles and joints i.e RSI, Tendonitis, frozen shoulder and built up scar tissue.