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Frozen Shoulder/Neil Asher Technique

Frozen Shoulder Treatment in Bexley Kent.

I have recently studied the Neil Asher Technique of treating a frozen shoulder also known as Adhesive Capsulitis. His approach  differs to the normal  physio treatment as we treat the shoulder by locating Trigger points in the local area and disperse of them . For further information please go to www.frozenshoulder.com. I now use this technique on my patients and I am enjoying some really good results.

Simeon Asher BPhil, BSc (Ost)

Simeon Niel-Asher founded frozen-shoulder com in 1999Simeon is a leader in the field of Osteopathic medicine. In 2006 he won the prestigious CAM award (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) for Outstanding practice and was recently named as one of the top 10 Osteopaths practicing in the UK.

Simeon is author of several books including ‘The concise book of trigger points’ and “Treat your own frozen shoulder’ – in print since 1999 and now in it’s 5th edition.

After qualifying from The British School of Osteopathy in 1992 with a BSc (Ost), Simeon was subsequently awarded a BPhil in Complimentary Health Studies from the University of Exeter (1996).

In 2002/3 Simeon was part of the research team at Addenbrooks hospital (Cambridge University Hospital) which performed the ground-breaking study on treating frozen shoulder syndrome with his novel method (NAT). This research was undertaken in association with the Rheumatology Research Council.

Simeon is a teacher and clinical tutor at several schools including the COET (UK) and actively lectures, writes, researches and promotes Osteopathy and NAT worldwide.

He currently is a visiting professor to several colleges around the world (including Brazil).